Element Releases Extended Version Of ‘Nature Calls’

Element has released Nature Calls: Extended Version, full of extra bits and pieces to give you another view of the natural skateable spots tucked away in the Pyrenees mountains, the U.S., Finland, and Brazil. According to many on the sessions, there was nary a bathroom in sight so they just had to hold it for an extended time (hence the title).

Nature Calls: Extended Version was directed by Alexandre Deron and Phil Zwijsen, and edited by Guillaume Perimony. With skating by Zwijsen, Jaakko Ojanen, Madars Apse, Nick Garcia, Rafa Cort, Leon Charo-Tite, Vinicius Costa, Vitoria Mendonça, Victor Cascarigny, Cesar Dubroca, and Alex Amor.

The Berrics was founded in 2007 and Element was one of a few brands that became a major part of our growth: whether it was a fun, water-soaked co-production with Phil Zwijsen; an unforgettable summer camp experience; or even just Barley serving drinks in the parking lot for Battle At The Berrics. Check out a few of our most recent projects with Element, below, and visit The Canteen to shop our selection of Element products.

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