Element Teases ‘ESP 2’ Video

The human brain is a mystery to most (unless you’re a brain surgeon, aka cranial custodian), but Element continues to take a crack at the ol’ noggin with the next video in the ‘E.S.P.’ series. Team riders Vinicius Costa, Eetu Toropainen, Greyson Beal, Gabriel Fortunato, Nick Garcia, Ethan Loy, Vitória Mendonça, and more are head cases in this video, releasing next Tuesday the 22nd. Watch the brainy teaser, above, and remember: don’t mind the mind.

The Berrics was founded in 2007 and Element was one of a few brands that became a major part of our growth: whether it was a fun, water-soaked co-production with Phil Zwijsen; an unforgettable summer camp experience; or even just Barley serving drinks in the parking lot for Battle At The Berrics. Check out a few of our most recent projects with Element, below:

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