Skateboarding Video Parts

Watch Ementa SB’s Full Length ‘EmentaVerse’ Here!

In case you missed it… Ementa SB, the Portugal based brand, started the new year by releasing an epic full length video, EmentaVerse. The video features parts from Gabriel Ribeiro, Jorge Simoes, Thaynan Costa, Pacal Teixeira, Gustavo Ribeiro and more from the Ementa Team. The company started 10 years ago with selling sticker and has developed into a full blown fashion brand in Lisbon, Portugal. “Ementa team is motivated by friendship, we are a group of friends that decided to follow our dreams and have fun. Because we believe that if we create our products with love and care, everything will turn out to be much better.” Make sure you check out their website and social for more from Ementa SB and watch their full-length video, above!

We’ve worked with several Portugal skaters, including the Ribeiro Twins, on numerous projects at The Berrics. Take a look at some of our favorite, below.

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