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In Case You Missed It: Free Skate Mag Premieres Emerica’s ‘Dispatch’

With so much skateboarding content hitting the internet daily, some videos slip through the cracks. That’s why there’s “In case you missed it!” Two weeks ago Free Skate Mag premiered Emerica‘s latest team video, ‘Dispatch’. The heavy edit, led by Kevin Baekkel and Matisse Banc, is an adrenaline filled, thrill-ride with a barrage of hectic clips from Baekkel, Banc, and other European Emerica riders, and even a lovely line from a visiting Braden Hoban. Grab the popcorn and get ready for a ride… Dispatch does not disappoint.

Thumbnail by Sam Ashley.

Watch the video featuring Kevin Baekkel, Matisse Banc, Braden Hoban, Georg Stenersen, Ulph Andersson, Andre Gerlich, Aura Brédart, Livio Tomassetti, Vitu Silas, Wes Kinen and Lucien Gourdal, above, and revisit some Emerica projects with The Berrics over the years, below:


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