Emerica Made Chapter 2 — Premieres Tonight!

2016 continues to prove itself as an incredible year for full-length videos, especially now that Emerica Made 2 is premiering tonight in Los Angeles. It’s been leaked via Instagram; Vista Theatre will play host to what is sure to be one of the most anticipated video premieres of the year. This is expected when you have skaters like Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Spanky, Figgy, Bryan Herman and the rest of this heavy hitting team all wrapped into one video. Now combine that with $6 tickets, 400 seats, and three showings… _This is a video premiere you don’t want to miss. _

Emerica videos have always carried a certain momentum. Who’s going to have last part? Who’s going to have opener? What’s Reynolds’s, Herman’s, Provost’s, and Romero’s parts going to look like? THIS IS GOING TO BE SICK! For Emerica Made Chapter 1 we witnessed Emerica brilliantly add a surprise part from new am Jeremy Leabres, straight blowing people’s heads right off their shoulders. Brandon Westgate shut it down, alongside rippers Colin Provost and Leo Romero. It was because of these dude’s hard work Emerica MADE came to be. Although Emerica MADE Chapter 1 was impromptu, it was Jon Miner who curated Emerica’s iconic visuals into an amazing video skateboarders still watch every day to spark their hype to skate. We have no reason to suspect Emerica Made Chapter 2 will be any different. 

Emerica Made Chapter 2 -- Premieres Tonight!

We invite you to read “MADE 2 ROLL” an interview of Andrew Reynolds by Atiba Jefferson for The Skateboard Mag Issue #152. The Mag issue released today highlights everything from how Andrew got on to Emerica, his thoughts about MADE Chapter 1, and _what to expect from his part in MADE Chapter 2. _

Emerica Made Chapter 2 -- Premieres Tonight!

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