Bordeaux’s Magenta Skateboards has always had a very distinctive and consistent brand identity—the combination of lo-fi in-your-face filming, marathon-length downhill lines, and jazzy world music has been lovingly emulated for years now. So when “Balade” was released a few months ago, we were more than ready for that special Magenta magic. And they delivered.

Today, the brand released a slightly revised version of “Balade” to YouTube, with a few slight tweaks to the soundtrack. (The original mix is still available to stream on Vimeo.) This is a great opportunity to rewatch this masterpiece, and maybe even take a look at the brand’s extensive library of gems on their YT channel.… “Old Woops New Groove” is highly recommended.

Featured: Jimmy Lannon, Ben Gore, Zach Lyons, Ryan Barlow, Leo Valls, Glen Fox, Gunes Ozdogan, Ruben Spelta, Vivien Feil, and Soy Panday in San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, and all over France, of course.

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