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Cairo Foster was treated to a surprise retirement party last night, getting quite the send off at the old American Apparel factory in LA. enjoi, calling his retirement party ”Pro to Flow,” invited dozens of major figures in LA skateboarding and even held a round of skate trivia questions in his honor. (Example of a real question: What was Supernaut, his first board sponsor, named after?)

Foster has participated in dozens of Berrics projects over the years. He first appeared in enjoi’s United Nations in 2008; his exuberant personality rubbed off on everybody during filming and it still holds up today as one of our most rewatchable, fun edits. Fun fact: Foster has also appeared in more Berrics United Nations videos than any other skater (we think?), clocking clips for enjoi, RVCA, and Etnies.

Here’s the caption from the above enjoi post:

“It’s with a tip of the hat that tonight Cairo Foster retired from professional skateboarding. He could have milked it, he could have coasted but he wanted to walk away on his terms. One more reason Cairo Foster is a legend. We’ve proudly sponsored Cairo for over a decade and he will be forever part of the enjoi family. Cairo, you are truly one of greats!!! Thank you.”

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