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Erased Crew in New York City

In case you missed it… Luis Mora premiered his latest edit on his YouTube channel on Christmas Eve featuring the Erased Project team in New York City on a filming trip for their upcoming ‘GLOW’ video. The video perfectly captures the crews hi-jinx during their filming mission in the Big Apple, along with a collection of heavy clips that give the 26 minute edit a flow that feels like a mini-full length. If these clips didn’t make it into their actual upcoming full length, we can’t wait to see what does. Check out the edit featuring Kyonosuke Yamashita, Filipe Mota, Andrew Arnold, Joshua Green, Marcos Brenes and more from the Erased Crew in New York City, above!

Filmed by: Luis Mora & Luke Lutz

Edited by: Luis Mora

We’ve been working with Filipe Mota and Kyonosuke since they moved to the US. Check out some of our projects with them, below!

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