Berrics Co-Founder Eric Koston and Antonio Durao Join Skate Mental


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Berrics cofounder Eric Koston has officially announced his next board sponsor, and he’s bringing fellow Numbers cruncher Antonio Durao (aka Switchonio Switchao; aka Switch Jesus) along for the ride at… Skate Mental! Koston is stranger to having a board or two at Brad Staba’s stable, and the match makes sense: Skate Mental’s irreverent, fun-loving approach jibes pretty well with a legend who can be found slappying—and kickflipping—a boogie board (see below).


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As far as we know, there wasn’t an announcement stating that Koston’s previous sponsor Numbers was calling it quits, but this confirms that Koston and co-owner (and former Girl teammate… confused yet?) Guy Mariano have both moved on to less numerical pastures. (Mariano now rides for Shane O’Neill’s April.) Congrats bossman!

Take a look back at some of Koston’s many, many classic moments (below). If you’re interested in his 14-year history of Berrics videos, please click here.

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