Eric Koston Talks About His Passion For Shoes On ‘World Of X Games’

ESPN‘s Clinton Yates sits down with Berrics co-founder Eric Koston, who has been in love with shoes since first visiting Japan at 19, on ‘World Of X Games.’ As a teenager, finding affordable shoes that worked for street skateboarding was not as easy as it is today; multiple X Games-medalist Koston would search for new, old stock of Nikes to skate in. Looking back, Koston now realizes that those formative searches for Nikes influenced his career, beginning with his signature eS Footwear shoe (which he started designing in ‘96).

Koston may be an incorrigible shoe hoarder, but he’s OUR incorrigible shoe hoarder. Check out some of his sneakerhead-related projects that he’s worked on with us, below:

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