ERIC KOSTON — Route One Interview

As part of its 100th Interview series, Route One sat down with Eric Koston. In Part 2, the conversation veers into the origin of Numbers. As you probably already know, the name came from Mark Gonzales during a brainstorming session with Eric via text messages. But, at the 4:21mark, Eric reveals his interpretation of the name of the brand.

“Everything’s about numbers. If you think about it, we’re, like, obsessed with them. Stair count, How high? How long? What’s your board, 8.25? What’s your wheelbase? How much did you make? Dude, it’s just numbers. My head just started spinning with ideas. I hit Mark back and told him that it was a really good name.”

Watch the full interview above. And here’s a link to Part 1 in case you missed it.

Numbers | 12:45

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