ERIK “EROK” JENSEN GOFUNDME — Help a Skater Pay His Medical Bills


Erik “Erok” Jensen in Barcelona. Photo courtesy R. Naviaux

American skateboarder Erik Jensen was struck by a bus in Barcelona, Spain, this month. The tragic accident has drained his family’s bank accounts—they’re reaching out to the global skate community for a helping hand. There has been an outpouring of support on his Gofundme page, tripling his goal within only a few days. Visit here to contribute to the cause.

Find out more about Erik’s heartbreaking situation, as told by his partner, Rebecca Naviaux, here:

*Many friends and family members have asked how they can help and support Erik Jensen after his terrifying accident that happened during our trip to Barcelona to celebrate his 40th birthday on March 4th.  
*As many of you may know, Erik was tragically struck by a bus while he was out grabbing breakfast one morning. His injuries were life threatening and extremely severe. The worst being a skull fracture, a concussion, and brain injury which has caused paralysis on the right side of his face. He was quickly induced into a coma following the accident to control brain swelling, which probably saved his life. *

*After waking up in the ICU and slowly gaining back his memory, he begun his miraculous road to recovery. One week after being admitted, he was released from the hospital here in Barcelona, and will be permitted to fly home on March 18th. He will have a long journey ahead with neurological and orthopedic treatment, therapy, and testing back home in San Francisco. *

*During this time, we have been a world away from our friends and families, but the outreach of support we have received during this nightmare has truly been a miracle in itself. I am grateful for Erik’s current prognosis, and the people in our lives who have done everything possible to help us during the scariest of situations. *

*Though Erik may be Teflon physically, we have discovered medical expenses are prohibitive and rapidly adding up, and the last thing we want Erik to worry about during his road to recovery. If your friends and family are able to contribute small donations this would be a huge help to alleviate some of the financial burden and stresses for Erik during his recovery. This will go to his high out-of-network maximum and other recovery-related expenses that insurance will not cover. *

*Erik is universally loved for being an amazing person and he has always been the first to help a friend in need. We would very much appreciate any help you can send his way during this stressful time. Please pass this along and share with anyone who knows and loves Erik. Thank you!! *

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