Es Announces Major Partnership With Heelys

éS Footwear has established itself as an innovator in shoe design but it’s greatest achievement was finally announced today: éS x Heelys. The brand shared the news of its gamechanging collaboration this morning:

“Featuring a new 400NBS urethane wheel for higher pop, lock and roll; integrated Ceramic Swiss bearings to be first inline for the club™, and of course – triple stitched seams for a seamless departure from the crowds that gather to admire you.

“éS spokesperson and Roll Model®, Kelly Hart, speaks highly of the prestigious collaboration: ‘These things are HARRRRD, so f*cking BUTTTERS. When I first tried them, it reminded me … Like, reminded me of doing a backside boardslide with Schmitt Stix rails, mid-way through slidin’ I shout “HURRICANE” and I lean back on my heels and smack that back truck up on to that waxy double sider. It’s all about leaning back and enjoying the ride. So BUTTERS. So hyped that the éS and Heelys came together’.

The game-changing collaboration may be the apex of éS’ shoe design, but some longtime fans are saying they soled out. Learn more about this exclusive collab, available only today (April 1) and only in size 17, at the Es site.

Now that Hart is taking time away from skateboarding to focus on heeling, let’s take a look back at some him finest moments actually skating at The Berrics.

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