éS Footwear Introduces The Five-Toed Hi-5 Shoe

éS Footwear‘s R&D department’s got 5 on it with the latest entry in the respected (until now) company’s canon. The ‘Hi-5’ is a toe-shoe—you know, the shoes that the talkative pony tail dude at the coffee shop is always wearing—meaning each little piggy is going to market (we can’t believe there is a market for this). Mathew “Li’l Shmatty” Chaffin has a little toe-jam in the new video for these monstrosities, above. No (toe)cap… but it is April 1st.

In 2015, éS Footwear sponsored our 2Up manual contest; some of that year’s finest wheelies wouldn’t have been possible without the brand’s support. Watch a few of the entries below:

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