Watch éS Footwear’s Jonny Hernandez & Juan Moreno Skate LA

Longtime Berrics favorite Jonny Hernandez (aka ‘Jonny 5 Skate’) is in the spotlight once again, and this time he’s sharing it with Juan Moreno in éS Footwear‘s latest video. Hernandez has been a constant fixture at The Berrics since he was probably eleven or twelve, and back then it was easy to see how gifted he is. (One day, when nobody was even filming, he casually did a front three from the kicker-to-kicker—RIP—over the sidewalk… what the hell?!) And Moreno is a skater we definitely want to see more of: his late 180 twists in this LA edit are precise and beautiful to see. Watch Juan and Jonny, above!

In 2015, eS Footwear sponsored our 2Up manual contest; some of that year’s finest wheelies wouldn’t have been possible without the brand’s support. Watch a few of the entries below:

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