Es Footwear Releases ‘Menikmati’ Raw Bonus Footage For 20th Anniversary

2000’s Menikmati is widely considered to be one of the greatest full-length videos of all time. With full parts from Berrics’ co-founder Eric Koston, Bob Burnquist, Ronnie Creager, Arto Saari, Tom Penny, Rodrigo TX, and Rick McCrank, eS Footwear‘s globe-trotting masterpiece featuring the literal Dream Team of skateboarding’s millenial era. This morning, the brand released 3 minutes worth of raw extras from the video, directed by “French” Fred Mortagne, featuring alternate angle from most of the riders. This is a must-watch!

In 2015, eS Footwear sponsored our 2Up manual contest; some of that year’s finest wheelies wouldn’t have been possible without the brand’s support. Watch a few of the entries below:

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