Etnies Releases Chris Joslin’s Second Pro Shoe With New Video Part

Chris Joslin is celebrating his second pro shoe release, Etnies’ Joslin 2, with a new part that demonstrates the abuse he puts his shoes through. If there was ever a pro who needed ultra-durable shoe construction, it’s Joslin: His Joslin 2 features an updated Michelin Fiber Lite outsole, a rubber underlay beneath the vamp and toe cap, Pro foam 1 insole, and optional lace holes for even more protection—this shit’s unstoppable. Buy the Joslin 2 here.

Joslin is Mr. Unstoppable, and the sum total of his projects with The Berrics is basically workaholism on four wheels. Check out just a few of the projects the BATB X champ worked on with us, below:

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