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As skateboarders, we spend our whole lives interacting with the homeless and occupying the same smelly, forgotten street corners. It’s easy to dismiss them as lunatics or drug addicts and selfishly move on with our own lives as soon as we’re done skating the streets. But just because something’s easy doesn’t make it right. Every Easter, etnies donates 2,000 pairs of shoes to the homeless in Skidrow. Since 1998 they’ve given out 40,000 pairs total. This year, we joined etnies CEO and founder, Pierre-Andre Senizergues, as well as Cairo Foster, Nick Garcia, and David Reyes to remember the significance of giving back to those who need it. Next time you’re skating down the street and run into someone less fortunate than you, strike a conversation, say hi, and remember that just because he doesn’t have a bed to sleep in doesn’t automatically mean he’s crazy.

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