Here’s What The Etnies Team Have Been Doing In Paris

Etnies is sponsoring Red Bull‘s ‘Paris Conquest’ conquest (premiering tomorrow, right here at 8:00am), so you know the team—including Trevor McClung and Nassim Lachhab—are getting busy under the shadow of the Eiffel (and what an eyeful). In Etnies latest video, McCLung and Lachhab met up with Noah Francisco and Rafaela Costa to put some work in before the big event.

Follow Etnies on Instagram for more info, and stay tuned for the contest tomorrow morning and some more extra special Berrics in Paris videos this week!

We have worked with Etnies since the beginning of The Berrics. Watch our “EST.” documentary series that we did with the brand in 2016, and some of our Album coverage, below:

Chapter 4 is currently blocked for a music-rights issue, so we present to you…

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