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Watch Evan Schiefelbine’s Feature-Length ‘Rosies Ramona’ Here

From the mind of Evan Schiefelbine comes a one-hour and twenty-seven minute opus starring  Sml. Wheels affiliates Ronnie Creager, Austyn Gillette, Sammy Montano, Ben Pualsrud, Danny Garcia, Lisa Whitaker, Colin Kennedy, James Craig, and many more. Take a deep dive into this pool of Schiefelbine:

”As Dudley Rambleman travels across the continent he thinks of the people in his past and present, and he thinks a lot about skateboarding. That’s the overall vibe anyway, but in this feature length film it’s really all about skateboarding, and skateboarding with your crew, old/new friends, or by yourself… Get ready to vibe out with this thing.”

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