Evan Smith & Chris Colbourn Skate The ‘Crooked I’ Flatbar

The Berrics’ flatbar is a classic: It’s approximately 12 feet long, is supported by four legs, and is perfectly straight. This traditionally designed obstacle has stood the test of time, and has proven itself to be remarkably flexible (our 2014 Welcome United Nations proved that without any shadow of a doubt). But, after watching Independent‘s latest video, we’re wondering if we shouldn’t add a few elbows to the bar here and there just to mix things up.

Independent’s ‘Mad Dawg x Tick Ditch’ death race invitational included a swerve-tastic centerpiece—we’re calling it the ‘Crooked I’—and team riders like Chris Colbourn and Evan Smith went to town on it. The tricks they’re doing on it are incredible, and we imagine that there was a bit of a… learning curve. Watch the edit form the event, above.

We can’t get enough of Colbourn and Smith. Watch a few of their Berrics edits over the years, below:

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