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Fabian Alomar Interviewed on The Nine Club Episode 279

Fabian Alomar comes through The Nine Club to share some gems from his inspiring story of skateboarding, crime, and redemption. Sit down with Fabian to hear how he acquired his first board, being in the “Devastation” video, his uncle telling the gangs at Lockwood to let Fabian & his friends skate there, meeting Mark Gonzales & getting on ATM Click, Kareem Campbell putting him on Menace Skateboards, getting into drugs & going to prison for 8 years, worrying that skateboarding would welcome him back after prison, getting out of jail & straight to acting, the YouTube show “Cholos Try”, his part in the new movie “Flamin’ Hot” and much more! Watch the full episode, above, and catch up on all the previous episodes of The Nine Club with Chris Roberts HERE.

In 2021, we put out a two part documentary about Fabian Alomar’s incredible journey. Check it out below:

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