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Fabiana Delfino’s New Part for Santa Cruz Skateboards

Fabiana Delfino is one of the hardest working female skaters in the industry. She turned pro for Santa Cruz back in November 2019 and she has been pretty much unstoppable since then. In Case You Missed It… Santa Cruz premiered her new street part on Thrasher last week and boy oh boy, is it heavy. Fabi powers through heavy spots while taking some serious slams in the process proving that she one of the toughest skaters in the game and we all need to put some respect on the Delfino Name!

Filmed by Shari White, 
Nick Hanson, Joe Perrin, Omar Massiah, Tanner Rowe, TJ Gaskill
, Harry Bergenfield, Mitch Hoxby, Jacob Nunez, Lannie Rhoades, Paul Labadie, and Rey Choto. Watch the part, edited by Joe Perrin, above!

Check out some of Santa Cruz’s work with us, below:

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