Fallen Footwear Releases First European Trip Edit

Before the pandemic squashed travel plans for millions of people (which is a good thing), Fallen Footwear was able to go on its first official tour. The brand released footage from the trip, which spanned Europe, over the weekend and it features Chris Cole, Tommy Sandoval, Zach Doelling, Dave Bohack, Pablo (a European rider), Reggie Kelly, and Adam Arunski skating classic spots and demos from Spain to the Czech Republic. The video has quite a few amazing moments, but Bohack (aka Deebo) steals the show on several occasions—he does a noseblunt variation at one point that is just a jawdropping head-scratcher, and the energy from everyone at the demo was off-the-charts after he landed it. This is classic Fallen.

Fallen relaunched in 2019, bringing back several riders who were on the original team in the Ride The Sky era. (It’s important to note that original head honcho Jamie Thomas is not involved with the reboot, as he made abundantly clear when he got his Fallen tattoo removed last year.) Cole’s return, in particular, was like a bulletproof seal of approval. We interviewed him and everyone involved in Fallen’s relaunch back in 2019, and he shared a bunch of interesting tidbits about the early days—he used to drive his car over a new pair of Fallens to break them in—making it clear that the brand has held a special place in its riders’ hearts after all this time.

Watch those Trajectory episodes below, and check out our selection of Fallen shoes today in The Canteen:

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