Field Ops

FIELD OPS — HIC Warehouse

Bo Mitchell began a career at nine-months old, as a model for Baby Gap. By age eight Bo owned his own snow cone business, nicknamed by his friends and family as ‘Hollywood’. There is nothing ‘Hollywood’ about Bo, he is truly a staple in his local skateboarding community. After falling in love with skating, Bo Mitchell took it upon himself to make his home-town Aiken, South Carolina, a town where skateboarding is welcome. By age 14 Bo started his own skate shop and indoor skatepark, HIC Warehouse, what he calls a home for skateboarding. The indoor park was built by Bo and his father, piece by piece, a testament to the DIY spirit Bo has lived by since early childhood. Bo Mitchell is the perfect example of a true DIY natured skateboarder. Not only did Bo create a productive environment for himself and his friends, he created a family and home for skateboarding. As skateboarders we can all learn a valuable lesson from Bo, inspiring us to ask ourselves what we can do for our communities. The Berrics is proud to present our latest Fields Ops, featuring Bo Mitchell’s HIC Warehouse.

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