Skateboarding Field Ops


Aiken, South Carolina’s non-profit skatepark—HIC Home For Skateboarding—is in danger of closure. We featured the longtime pillar of the SC skate community earlier this year, highlighting the great work that Bo Mitchell and company have done to create a safe and healthy environment for local youth. Now they need your help to permanently secure their property and ensure that this Home For Skateboarding continues to have a home.

“HIC Warehouse was recently informed that the property they had a lease-to-own agreement on was going to be sold,” HIC’s Bo Mitchell says. “Now a ‘For Sale’ sign has been placed in front of the skate park. Losing this property would be an enormous detriment to the local youth and skaters of all ages that regularly visit HIC.”

You can help save HIC, Home For Skateboarding, by signing and sharing HIC’s Change.Org petition. Every time the petition is signed, a letter is sent urging HIC’s local decision makers to acknowledge them (you can read the letter on the petition website). After signing the petition, just take a few moments to share it with others. ( allows you to share the petition on Facebook or Twitter right from the petition itself. Share it again and again until your keyboard starts smoking or the local decision makers do something to change this situation!

Also, spend a minutes to complete HIC’s survey. The information gathered in this survey is not only relevant to HIC’s community, but can also show the greater good of skateboarding everywhere. This is an important part of getting info to HIC’s local decision-makers—who knows, maybe even obliterate some deepseated stereotypes!

Check out the Field Ops that we shot with Bo Mitchell at the HIC warehouse this year for a better idea of what’s at stake. Thanks for your support!

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