Filipe Mota Skates With Nyjah Huston In Monster Energy’s ‘Shadow Day’

Nyjah Huston has a world-class, state-of-the-art private skatepark, open to only the most elite of the chosen few. Recently, he added his Monster Energy teammate Filipe Mota to the shortlist of skaters who are allowed to grace those neon-green rails. In the brand’s ‘Shadow Day,’ 25-year-old Huston and 13-year-old Mota demonstrate the future of skateboarding. The two prodigies show you how it’s done, above. And read Monster’s interview with Mota here.

(We have a few pairs of Huston’s latest Nike SB model, the ‘Nyjah Free 2,’ in stock now in The Canteen.)

Huston has been working with The Berrics for years, and Mota is now a local to our world-class park, as well. Check out some of their recent projects with us, below:

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