Film Trucks Heats Up Victor Cascarigny’s ‘Ramen Bowl’ Part

Jérémie Daclin‘s company, Film Trucks, always comes correct with the edits: unconventional tricks; energetic editing; and buckets of style. Victor Cascarigny is no exception—in fact, it may make you just a tad hungry. Named after Naruto’s favorite economical noodle dish (with x-tra pork), ‘Ramen Bowl’ is packed with flavor, and Film riders Ben Koppl and Martin Laborie help to add a little extra umami up in this bitch too. (Ummm, can we get seconds?) Watch ‘Ramen Bowl,’ above!

Film is synonymous with slappys, and The Berrics have been known to dabble in the art of the slappy over the years as well. Watch some of our low-pro projects, and some of our videos with ‘Ramen Bowl’ co-star Ben Koppl, below:

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