Flip Releases Sanggoe Dharma’s ‘Mata Harimau’ Part

Sanggoe Dharma, well-known throughout Asia, joined Flip‘s thoroughly diverse team of skaters in 2019 with an awesome intro part. This week, the brand dropped a supremely smooth part form the skater: ‘Mata Harimau.’ Hailing from the Indonesian island of Bali, Dharma first got on everyone’s radar back in 2015—at the age of 13—when he nabbed third place in the Kia World Extreme Games in Shanghai. The following year he placed second in the Asian Skateboarding Championship. By the age of 15, Dharma was wowing the judges at Street League (even catching the eye of former Flip pro, Geoff Rowley, who gave him props after a run). The vibes and tricks in this part are all on point—watch it, above!

Peep a recent Ninja Training that Dharma filmed with Marcos Montoya, below:

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