Since parting ways with Zero in September, many people have been speculating on where Franky Villani would end up. This afternoon, it was announced that he is the latest addition to the Primitive team. Check the welcome clip and what Paul Rodriguez has to say about the move below. Congratulations, Franky!

“The first time I saw Franky Villani skate was at an am contest a while ago, and he did a bigspin Bennett grind down a hubba. I thought that was a really cool trick. He really caught my eye. A bit later Shane O’Neill had mentioned him to me, and he said Franky was one of the best people he’d seen skate in person. So I kept my eye on him, and I’ve always been hyped on everything that he’s put out. Having skated with him in person now, I can tell you that Shane was right. Franky is the quintessential modern skateboarder who can skate any spot that you take him to. And he’ll have a lot of fun doing it. So it is with great pleasure that I can welcome Franky to the Primitive Skate team.” – Paul Rodriguez

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