‘Free’ Premieres Adidas Russia Team’s Vladivostok Edit ‘Daleko’

adidas’ Russian team have a lot of ground to cover—at 6.6 million miles, the country is twice the size of the U.S.—and waaaaay over on the East Side, they have Vladivostok. Known as Russia’s San Francisco, the city is just north of North Korea and has a hilly topography that would make any skater drool. Free Skate Mag recently gathered up the sputniks and made the trek to the U.S.S.F. last September; the edit, ‘Daleko,’ is pretty far out. The video features Gosha Konyshev, Dilip Kharel, Dima Rodionov, Max Lukichev, Markel Andronov, and Yaroslav Kondratiev, and was filmed and edited by Pasha Kryukov

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