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Every week I still get hundreds and hundreds of emails from people that I haven’t had time to respond to and quite possibly, will never have time to respond to, but I do try to read them as much as I can. And every week I get a lot of links from people to have me check out their stuff. In an effort to do more with the Berrics site than just create our own content and post it up, I’ve decided to take one day out of every week and post up some of the stuff that you send me. There is nothing I like more than perseverance. I’ve always said there is no such thing as failure, there’s just quitting too early. Well, Benjamin Robert Loates did not quit to early. He emailed me asking if I’d take a look at this new skate fashion that’s sweeping Canada and the video he made about it until he got an answer. A few weeks and a few dozen emails later, here it is. Benjamin Robert Loates, Diamond, DGK, Jim Greco, you might have some competition. I truly believe there is a lot of talent out there that I don’t know of so to those of you who want me to see your stuff, email and remember, there’s no such thing as failing. — sb

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