‘Free’ Premieres Charlie Munro’s ‘Charles’ Part

Free magazine delivered another must-watch video part this morning in the form of ‘Charlie’, an atmospheric edit featuring Cambridge, U.K.’s Charlie Munro. And when we say “must watch,” we mean that this part is fucking amazing and your day will be much better for having watched it. We predict that the positive reverberations you experience upon witnessing every perfect clip in this masterpiece will spread far into next week. Every time you hear the words “London” or “England” you will be transported back to the 4 minutes when you watch the above part for the first time. The Starkist Tuna slogan “Sorry, Charlie” will elicit a Pavlovian response deep in your subconscious—you will feel unreasonably apologetic and feel compelled to rewatch ‘Charles’ yet another time to soothe your conscience.

Basically, this shit is dope. Filmed and edited by Kevin Parrott (nice one).

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