‘Free’ Premieres FTC Barcelona’s Tenth Anniversary Full-Length

Free magazine premiered FTC Barcelona‘s tenth anniversary full-length, Por Fin, yesterday featuring dozens of local skaters. The video’s title translates to “At Last,” which seems like a pretty straightforward tribute to FTC San Francisco’s 1993 video, Finally.

Julio Arnau’s hugely influential skateshop has had to weather the COVID-19 lockdown just like any other store, and this video is a fast-paced testament to their perseverance. Por Fin has clips from Pedro Attenborough, Bryan Albarenga, Juan Virues, Roger Gonzalez, Dani Quintero, Yoryo, Max Géronzi, Sixsas, Marek Zaprazny, Zeb Weisman, Julio Arnau, Fred Plocque Santos, Samuel Parrado, Thaynan Costa, Mikel Vidal, Deedz, Ibu Sangyan, Arnau Truque, Ivan Martinez, Felipe Bartolome, Deniz Yilmaz, and more. Watch the full video, above.

Ahhh, Barthhelona… In 2016, we dedicated a whole week to this skateboarding mecca, with new parts from Christian Vannella and Jorge Calderon. Check out all the videos below!

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