‘Free’ Premieres Jaakko Ojanen’s ‘Mañana’ Part

Element’s quick-footed wacko Jaakko Ojanen is the ultimate crowd-pleaser—whether he’s almost dying on a Willy grind or barely scraping through an accidental make (or nailing one of the best pressure flip hubba combos we’ve ever seen). Free mag has his latest part, ‘Mañana’ (which loosely translates as “the day after today”), and it will have you cheering for 4 minutes straight. Watch the edit, by Vesa Ritola, above!

The Berrics was founded in 2007 and Element was one of a few brands that became a major part of our growth: whether it was a fun, water-soaked co-production with Phil Zwijsen; an unforgettable summer camp experience; or even just Barley serving drinks in the parking lot for Battle At The Berrics. Check out a few of our most recent projects with Element and Ojanen’s 2012 Bangin, below, and visit The Canteen to shop our selection of Element products.

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