Manual Mastery: Jordan Queijo’s ‘Equipoise’

When it comes to two-wheeled tricks, Switzerland’s Jordan Queijo is pretty much the high-water mark. The manual god has a gift for balance that extends for beyond the traditional pop-in/pop-out variety, and opts instead for complex yet clean clips; this Swiss doesn’t miss. Europe’s Free magazine premiered Queijo’s latest part yesterday, with an overwhelming amount of switch manny clips—seriously, switch manny switch impossible out?—that will have you tripping. The last two tricks alone should make this guy a household name. Watch his ‘Equipoise’ part, above, and don’t forget to eat a balanced breakfast.

The Berrics and manuals go together perfectly, and we made the love affair official in 2014 with our 2Up contest. We invited the best of the best of the best wheelie men to create a safe manual space (with the help of modular blocks created specially for the contest): Marc Johnson, Shane O’Neill, Eric Koston, Youness Amrani, Daewon Song, Ben Fisher, Chris Cole, Joey Brezinski, Brandon Biebel, and Nick Tucker. This was, without a doubt, our most intense contest series to date: it was typical for Chase to log hours upon hours of footage for one manual clip; many office workdays were punctuated with primal screams of agony/frustration as the ten skaters lamented the one that got away (and there were many that got away).

We only did a couple more seasons of this brutal contest, but who knows—we may have another punishing 2Up event in the works very soon. What can we say? We’re gluttons for manuals.

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