‘Free’ Premieres Josh McLaughlin’s ‘New Doors Have Opened’ Part

Filmer Zach Chamberlin—known for the 2013 Magenta masterpiece ‘Old Woops, New Groove’ and, more recently, the Northern Co. videos—has a new full-length project for Loophole Wheels, and Free has released Josh McLaughlin’s part from the video this morning. In New Doors Have Opened, Portland, Oregon’s McLaughlin is McLaughin’ all the way to the manny pad with some unexpected wheelie combos and a bunch of long nighttime lines (and some great clips from Kezar Stadium). Watch the part, above, and buy the New Doors Have Opened DVD at the Loophole site. And don’t let the new doors hit your old ass on the way out.

Speaking of manuals… our 2Up contest gave you three seasons of wheelies. Check out some entries from Shane O’Neill, Bobby De Keyzer, and Walker Ryan, below:

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