‘Free’ Mag Premieres Dial Tone Manufacturing’s ‘Hot Line’

Josh Stewart‘s Dial Tone Manufacturing (a division of Theories Of Atlantis Industries) made its debut in May 2018 with a reference to Plan B’s classic 1992 teaser ad, and that’s when we knew that the wheel company would be something wonderfully different. Free Mag premiered the brand’s latest ill communication “Hot Line,” once again cleverly assembled by Stewart, featuring Jahmal Williams, Ben Gore, Kevin Liedtke, Alexis Sablone, Christian Maalouf, Brian Powderly, Shawn Macmillan, Shane Farber, Zander Mitchell, and Jordan Trahan. (Incidentally, this may be a good time for you to research Arthur Lee and his innovative and influential band, Love.) Take the phone off the hook and watch it now!

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