‘Free’ Mag’s ‘Red Alert’ Spies On Russia’s Skate Scene

Named after a ’90s video game about the threat of Russian invasion, Free Mag‘s “Red Alert” shows you how the Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and Georgia skate scenes have been developing over the past year, and we can pretty much guarantee that you haven’t seen any of these spots before (unless you were lucky enough to skate them yourself).

“Red Alert” features Vova Pavlov, Vadim Abramov, Valera Doganadze, Sasha Stamenkovich, Andrey Melnikov, Pasha Tretyakov, Leo Lukin, Jenya Nikolaev, Yura Renov, Dima Shatalov, Roma Ivanov, and Alex Krasniy. Video was filmed by Sasha Kotov and Dima Sidorov, and directed by Sasha Kotov and Kirill Korobkov.

Check out some of our recent projects with Russian up-and-comers Egor Kaldikov and Konstantin Kabanov, below:

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