‘Free’ Premieres Magenta’s ‘Magentapes’ SF Montage

Bordeaux’s Magenta Skateboards dropped its latest full-length, Magentapes, recently and several skate media outlets have been peppering parts from the release over the past couple of weeks. (Yo Soy, hit us up, dog!) With Ben Gore, Jameel Douglas, and Jesse Narvaez… and even Zach Chamberlin gets out from behind the lens to bust a few San Francisco treats.

Magenta’s videos are always a good pre-sesh choice: lots of fast powerslides (they call them “l’ royale with flatspot” over there), quick feet, weaving thru traffic, and a flip here and there thrown in for good measure. Today’s Magentapes montage, above, captures these qualities perfectly!

Check out the brand’s extensive library of gems on their YT channel.… “Old Woops New Groove” is highly recommended.

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