‘Free’ Premieres Ace Trucks’ ‘Turn Right’ Video

Free magazine has uploaded a megamix featuring dozens of European Ace Trucks riders. ‘Turn Right’ stars Noah Mahieu, Ibu Sanyang, Rémy Taveira, Luis Aponte, Lucien Genand, Lilian Fev, Edouard Depaz, Amélien Foures, Jérôme Sossou, Adrien Chabiron, PJ Chapuis, Charlie Birch, Tom Belot Tom Belot, Samuel Norgen, Alex Richard, Adrian Fuentes, Paul Austin, Santiago Sasson, Harry Lintell, Joseph Biais, Patrick Franklin, Cambrayan Sidelick, Tolya Titaev, Andrea Dupre, and Victor Campillo. Filmed and edited by Thomas Vigoureux and Luc Mazières.

You want to turn, right? Check out our selection of Ace Trucks in The Canteen, and remember to keep ‘em loosey goosey.

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