‘Free’ Premieres Vans’ ‘Scandis’ Video

Vans has team riders everywhere, and to drive this home, Free magazine premiered a new video featuring Scandinavian riders skating Scandinavian and Nordic spots. ‘Scandis’ features Bjarne Tjøtta, Gabriel Bjørsvik, Eric Hedberg, Eliott Toiminen, Samuel Norgren, Aleksi Suovaara, Moa Zander, Simon Hallberg, Jonathan Sjöberg, Oscar Safström, Tom Botwid, Louis Muller, Nikke Allin, and Tommi Björk. Needless to say, this video is døpe. Watch the edit, above!

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Five years ago we produced the Vans documentary to end all Vans documentaries with our 5-part EST series. Watch it below!

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