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Free Skate Mag Premieres ‘Balancing Act’ by Pekka Løvås

Free Skate Mag releases the latest masterpiece from Norway’s premiere skateboarding filmmaker Pekka Løvås”!

We all know that skateboarding is a ‘Balancing Act’ requiring patience, dedication, and full blown commitment, and so is filming skateboarding. Some would say that the patience behind the lens is almost as important as the determination on the board when creating a skate video. Pekka possesses that patience and puts it to good use when the Adidas crew cruised through Norway over the summer.’ Ride along with Heitor Da Silva, Gustav Tønnesen, Magnus Bordewick, Niels Bennett, Filip Almqvist, Hermann Stene, Tom Snape, Leo Cholet, Gunes Ozdogan, Tim Debauché, Jonatan Drab, Martin Dammen, Patrick Riberg and Ruben Soon as they tear up the streets of Oslo in ‘Balancing Act.’

Watch the edit, above, and read the full interview with Pekka HERE!

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