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Free Skate Mag Premieres ‘Boudem Clips’ Video from CPTMafia

Free Skate Mag has released the latest edit from Sao Paulo, Brazil’s tight-knit group of street skaters, CPTMafia. “Boudem Clips” is a 25 minute long thrill ride from the crew ripping up every spot they can find. Featuring Leonardo bodelazzi, Wellington de Oliveira, Leonardo Favaro, Lucas Marques, Yuri Amaro, Anderson Gomes, Leonardo Bibiano, Matheus Lima, Hendrik Santos, Leonardo Adrian, Raphael Soares, Cristofer Silva, Giovanni Franzo, Pedro Frigatto, Mike Mag, Gabriel Felipe, Felipe Rocha, Felipe Munhoz, Giovana Dias, João Pedro da Rocha and Elias Batista, edited by Lucas Marques, and filmed by everyone in the crew. As Mike Mag states in the Interview on Free Skate Mag:

“This video is a testament to our shared bond, passion, and challenges. Making five times more with five times less. We don’t have the latest and greatest video camera gear or equipment. We don’t have one singled out proper filmer. What we have is each other. Everyone films everyone… creating our signature loose filming style. Everyone gives input on the soundtracks and edits. Everything is shared, and everything is together. We all cheer each other on and celebrate each others’ individual goals.” -Mike Mag

Free Skate Mag Premieres 'Boudem Clips' Video from CPTMafia

Watch the full video above, and read up on the interview with Mag on the whole CPTMafia crew on the Free Skate Mag Website!

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