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Free Skate Mag Premieres Dougie George’s ‘Periphery’ Part

Free Skate Mag drops Dougie George‘s latest video part, “Periphery”, produced by the mastermind behind “Orwellian World Landscape,” Al Hodgson. Filmed primarily in Brighton and London, this masterpiece showcases Dougie’s exceptional manual balance, lightning-fast footwork, and spot selection—all with his signature style. Behind the lens, we have Quentin Guthrie and Al Hodgson, with Quentin filming half, and Al bringing his editing wizardry to the mix. The VX aficionados, Al and Quentin, have created a visual feast that transports us to the streets of Brighton and London, where Dougie George’s skating reigns supreme… ”Periphery” is a  of jaw-dropping tricks, magnificent manual balance, lightning-fast footwork, immaculate spot selection and impeccable style.

Watch the full part, now playing on Free Skate Mag, above!

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