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Free Skate Mag Premieres Jake Cortez’s “JB/C” Part

Any skateboarder with an ounce of technical prowess can appreciate a solid manual, and Jake Cortez has way more than an ounce. The Rose Street Skate Shop rider effortlessly throws down some of the most magnificent manual combos you’ll lay your eyes on today in his latest part for Free Skate Mag. Don’t worry… he’s not all low impact, this man can jump too. Jake handles his business on gaps, ledges, and rails while stringing together picturesque lines, not to mention he sits quite nicely in a cross lock 5050. Style? Check. Power? Check. Finesse? Check, check, check. JB/C has it all.

Watch Jake Cortez’s JB/C part, filmed and edited by Brandon Cortez, with additional filming by Grant Yansura, Olaf Trevilla, Kyle Geldert & Brandon Yuenger, above!

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