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Free Skate Mag Releases ‘The Might Handful’

In a world divided by borders and conflicts, skateboarding transcends nationality and brings people together. The Mighty Handful, premiered by Free Skate Mag, is a collaborative effort between Critically Endangered Skateboards and Larry Pants that embodies the spirit of unity and friendship through skateboarding. Led by Vadim Abramov, the owner of Critically Endangered Skateboards, The Mighty Handful is more than just a skate video. It symbolizes the power of friendship, the love for nature, and the yearning for peace.

Vadim, a half-Russian and half-Ukrainian skateboarder, finds solace in nature and empathizes with the people of Ukraine. Having more relatives in Ukraine than in Russia, Vadim experienced the pain and fear of their lives being threatened during the conflict. The military bases situated near his relatives’ homes in Zhitomir served as a constant reminder of the harsh reality they faced.

As Vadim Abramov says in his Interview with Free Skate Mag:

“It’s a pain inside me. I have more relatives in Ukraine than in Russia, and they were almost bombed too, but survived. Some military bases are so close to the houses of my relatives in Zhitomir….

Now I live in Almaty (Kazakhstan) and I feel like I’m still living in 2013. I can’t believe the way the world is going after 2014, because we just want a world without war….

As the director of this project, it’s my story about what I skate with my friends. Not only for fun, not only to keep from going mad, but for Peace.

Thank you.”

The Mighty Handful showcases the talents of an impressive lineup, including Evgeny Mumrenkov, Dmitrii Avdeev, Artem Kruglikov, Andrey Fedotenkov, Timur Dobryanskii, Vlad Zhitnyuk, Alexandr Tingaev, Daniil Smirnov, Roman Rudenko, Serafim Illarionov, Magomed Ashurbekov, Ruslan Umarov, Dmitrii Brodov, Evgeny Nikolayev, and Zahar Belolugov.

Watch ‘The Might Handful’, filmed by George Obukhov, Pavel Sedov, Evgeny Mumrenkov and edited by Vadim Abramov & George Obukhov, above!

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