Watch F.S.C. Pro Mikey Galik In AMB’s ‘Social Distancing’ Video

AMB (Ambassadors), the Czech distributor for Australian brand F.S.C., released its video Social Distancing this morning featuring full parts from Jakub Jiruška, David Luu, Petr Veselý, and Michal “Mikey” Galík. Filmed in Prague and many other European cities, this is AMB’s first full-ish length video. Prior to the pandemic the company would focus on shorter edits; with the quarantine came less people, less hassle, and more possibilities.

After a year of filming, AMB premiered the video last September and the company timed it to coincide with Galík’s surprise pro announcement for F.S.C. (Congrats!). Social Distancing was put together by AMB team manager/35mm Skateboards owner Petr Humpl, and filmed and edited by Jirka Novosád and Jakub Šindelář. Czech it out, above!

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