Gabriel Fortunato Launches Globe-Hopping ‘Gabrielife’ Series

Over the past two years, Brazil’s Gabriel Fortunato has emerged as one of the most exciting skaters on the scene. We premiered his Bangin in early 2018 and since then he’s been omnipresent: appearing in Next New Wave, skating in just about every major contest (and some outliers, too, like King of MACBA and Slides & Grinds), and just like any other motivated and productive individual, Fortunato is eager to share his process with the world. His new YouTube series, “Gabrielife,” gives you a peek into his daily grind and some insight into what kind of drive you need to succeed the way he has. Episode 1 launched last week and episode 2, following Fortunato’s experience in Finland, went live last weekend. Watch it above!

We featured Fortunato last year in our Next New Wave series, and ever since then he’s been participating in pretty much every event in skateboarding—from Street League to the King of MACBA Finals. Check out a few of his Berrics projects below:

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