Fortnite, the Epic Games juggernaut that has obliterated records in the video game industry, has developed a reputation for offering a little something to everybody. With frequent item, map, skin, and limited time mode updates, players are always sure to find something unexpected and fresh whenever they load the game. Unfortunately, one of the most anticipated updates, the “Driftboard,” has been delayed… but that doesn’t mean that enterprising players won’t find a way to ride.

User YummyAlpha (among others) have utilized a glitch in the Creative mode (“Clocktower glitch”) that allows a player to reach the main island where, lo and behold, there’s a fleet of Driftboards just waiting to be shredded. The above gameplay (via ~Giuk’s Twitter) is making us salivate! When you think back to some of Fortnite‘s classic game references—a unique calling card for new weapon and mode additions—like “Score Royale” mode, the Stormwing, and the recent Infinity Blade, the hoverboard gameplay kinda gives us SSX/Jak & Daxter vibes.

No official date for the Driftboard has been released, but Epic’s “14 Days Of Fortnite” challenge kicked off today, with daily rewards for unlocked challenges. It’s likely that there’s a Driftboard trick challenge right around the corner…

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